Job opportunities

PhD Studentship “Mathematical approaches for analysing dynamic imaging data”

Are you a studying mathematics and you are interested in biomedical problems? We need you to innovate how we analyse and model our imaging data. We are recruiting a PhD student with Dr Carola Bibiane Schönlieb and Dr Stefanie Reichelt. Visit CCIMI webpage for more information.

PhD Studentship “Investigating the metabolic heterogeneity in cancer”

Are you interested in fluorescence microscopy and cancer metabolisms? We are recruiting a PhD student with Dr Christian Frezza to investigate cell-to-cell variability in the metabolism of cancer cells. Visit the full advert to more information.

I have no other job vacancies in my team. However, if you are a biophysicist or a mathematician and you may be interested in the research projects I described in these pages, do contact me. We may have opportunities in the near future.