Next coming up…

25-28.03.2018 | Focus on Microscopy 2018, Singapore. It is always a pleasure to come back at FoM, the conference that formed me as a microscopist (50% of my split scientific personality). Back to Asia, after a few years I focused on the European venues for family reasons. This year will be a busy one for me, with two talks to prepare. I hope to get you excited about some of our unpublished work. Come and see me, but discuss, debate, interact at the following sessions.

Monday 26 March | MO-AF1-PAR-C, Fluorescence Spectroscopy I: FLIM | “Multi-Colour FLIM for a Single-Cell Systems Biology of Cell Fate”

Wednesday 28 March  | WE-MO1-PAR-D Biology V | Advanced microscopy in Pathology | “Understanding Cellular Decisions: Old and Novel Microscopy Tools”



25.03.2018 | Cambridge Science Festival. Ohh nooo, a scheduling conflict with FoM2018! However, Suzan, Khushali and John will do great in this beautiful outreach event. My team started to participate last year and this year we are preparing a more articulated initiative. More information in the next weeks.


29.03.2018 | Seminar at the Mechanobiology Institute in Singapore at 11AM. I am looking forward to visit Singapore and this research institute of excellence at the National University  of Singapore. We are still organizing the details, but I will speak about ‘single cell biochemistry techniques in microscopy’.

12-15.06.2018 | IVSLA International School on Nanoscale Optical Microscopy – Venice, Italy. Great to go back to Italy once in a while, not just for holidays. More details to come, but I will give a leture to this prestigious course organized by Prof. Alberto Diaspro. The school is held in a wonderful place with lectures delivered by world-leading experts in microscopy in its applications.



15-17.11.2018 | International Meeting on Optical Biosensors, Ghent, Belgium.  I am honoured to have been  invited at this extremely interesting event, which promise to foster discussion on the use of biosensors. I am looking forward to have the opportunity to meet colleagues I know since my PhD, but particularly to meet some people I keep reading papers of, but I never crossed path with. It seems this will be a very interesting event. Proud to be part of.


In the recent past

22.11.2017 | My next talk is at the University of Leeds. I am looking forward to meeting new people and discussing with an audience I used to be familiar with… back to biophysics. I will give a review of novel optogenetics and biocehmical imaging tools and a brief description of our research activities. A big thank to my hosts: Dr. Sally Peyman  and Prof. Kevin Critchley.


03.11.2017 | The Hutchison/MRC Research Centre Annual Retreat – Moller Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. I am excited about the opportunity to give a brief overview of the work we did over the last years. One occasion to appreciate the diverse and high quality science is done at the Hutch.


06.10.2017 | A great occasion for me to visit the Babraham Institute for the first time, a centre of excellence in Cambridge. I’ll try my best to describe novel approaches in studying cell signaling. A big thank to my hosts: Dr Simon Cook and Dr Simon Walker.